Tips and tricks for taking Engagement Photos

Tips and tricks to taking the perfect engagement photos!

Now that you're engaged, lets talk about some tips and tricks for taking engagement photos! If your anxious about finding the perfect photographer for your engagement photos, we're here to help! There are many things to consider for taking your engagement photos. What will your location be for your engagement photos? And the BIGGEST question:  Who will photograph your engagement photos? We've put together a simple but concise list of tips and tricks for taking engagement photos that we think are some of the most important to consider when taking your engagement photos. Planning a wedding can be stressful . . .  Our tips and tricks for taking engagement photos make this part a little easier!

"Wedding location? Wedding venue? THE DRESS! Do I want a big wedding or a small wedding? I didn't even realize there were that many color options (let alone color schemes)? Do I want a two, three, or four tiered wedding cake? OMG, what about a dessert bar?!? We've got to send out Save the Dates?! . . ." ( get the idea)


Why take Engagement photos?

Let's stop and talk about save-the-dates for a moment. Should you hire a photographer for your engagement photos? My first point is your professional photos will not look like the selfies you took during golden hour with your iPhoneX. Getting engagement photos taken by a professional is a great way to see if you like the photos that are taken of you! 

Photographers will always tell you, "Engagement sessions are a PERFECT way to get to know each other!" Getting to know your photographer is always a solid suggestion because you don't want to be awkward strangers with your photographer on the day of the wedding! Engagement sessions are a great way to go for a photo test drive and get you some awesome photos for your save-the-dates, or to hang on your wall! 

Tip : Use this as a time to get comfortable not just in front of the camera, but use this as a time to build a relationship with your photographer. You'll be very thankful on the wedding day! 
Tip : Engagement sessions make a great opportunity for you to see what you'll look like in photos. 
Tip : P.s. Parents LOVE getting these engagement photos as gifts! 
Tips and Tricks for taking Engagement Photos Raleigh, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

Tips and Tricks for taking Engagement Photos Raleigh, NC | Chad Winstead Photography


Finding the Right Photographer

All these questions above will ultimately lead you to one more question... How will my memories be preserved? This might be my biggest tip (for both engagements and the wedding), so I'm going to begin with finding the right photographer. Finding the right photographer is tricky. The process can be a time consuming rabbit hole with what seems to have limitless options! 

If you're only intention at the moment is to get some epic, kick ass photos of you and your new fiancé (yup, you can NOW say that word), I would say to keep the bigger picture in mind; think ahead! Many photographers offer a complimentary engagement session included in their wedding packages, saving you money in the long run! 

Tip : Look for images that keep you coming back for more. Look for images that make you go, "Wow, those are incredible!" As photographers, it's hard not to mention how many incredibly talented photographers there are out there, and not so incredibly talented faux-tographers also. The proof is in the pudding... or picture! Don't settle for just a few pretty images in a gallery, ask to see an entire full gallery of an engagement session your photographer has already completed and delivered. 
Tip : Do your research! Word of mouth and suggestions from vendors are vital pieces of information in finding photographers. Other options are searching through sites like The KnotWeddingWireFearless Photographers, and Offbeat Bride. A great idea is to compare the work on their website and reviews to their social media by browsing the accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.
Tip : Don't settle for style! There is no one style fits all in photography, but there are many styles. Something else to remember is many photographers aren't specifically a one style fits all photographer. Chad and I, for example, blend gorgeous natural light photos with show stopping, eye catching off camera lighting techniques. You may find a lot of engagement photos are overly artistic and don't capture genuine emotion. The more you really get down and dirty looking at your list of photographers, look for the following in their images: What are the couples expressions? Are the colors of the image vivid or muted? How is the detail/clarity/quality of the image? When I look back on these in 40 years, will I still love them?
Tips and Tricks for taking Engagement Photos Wilmington, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

Tips and Tricks for taking Engagement Photos Wilmington, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

 Keep it simple

You've decided you want an engagement session! But what do you wear? Posing. . . What's that??? Don't over think this! So many of our couples get caught up in clothing. Don't forget the best attire is that priceless smile! 

Tip : Connect with your photographer! Having a quick conversation will spark suggestions, ideas, and topics that you may not have previously thought of.
Tip : Don't forget, these photos are to showcase the love that you share with your fiancé. 
Tip :  Hiring a professional makeup artist/hair styling. A professional makeup artist can definitely kick things up a notch by knowing what products to use, how to use a variety of products, and just making you feel pampered and amazing! 
Tips and tricks for taking Engagement Photos Eastern, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

Tips and tricks for taking Engagement Photos Eastern, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

Make it meaningful

Create a vision! Think about who you are as a person. You will want your photos to reflect you as a person and as a couple. Keep in mind the whole picture: location, time of day, and what you want to be doing in your photos. Creating a vision for your engagement session can be a whirlwind of frustration. Take deep breaths, and remember to enjoy yourself. Find a connection for the two of you. The location may not be obvious, give it some thought, include your fiancé, and find a connection! 

Tip : Traveling to a location? A sentimental vacation spot can be a great option for an engagement session. Whether the mountains or the seashore, make it meaningful and memorable for you and your fiancé.
Tip : Incorporate an activity! Don't forget the goal of an engagement session is to represent you and your fiancé as a couple! Including activities like surfing, fishing, biking, or hiking are great ways for making it meaningful. Find something you both do together and BAM you have something that represents you both as a whole. 
Tip : Thinking of including props or other personal details? PERFECT! Making it meaningful is the theme here! Props can be a great addition for adding dates or other information to be announced. 
NC Engagement Photo Raleigh, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

NC Engagement Photo Raleigh, NC | Chad Winstead Photography

Have Fun

When things begin to get overwhelming, trust in the original reason you started this process to begin with; your engagement. A time that is filled with excitement, love, and support. No matter what you end up wearing, the location that you ultimately choose, or what family members tag along, remember this process is to showcase your love for each other. Nothing else matters! Have fun, laugh A LOT, don't be afraid to get a little crazy, and remember to always stay happy! 

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