How to View, Share, Download, & Order Prints


We are excited that your photos are now complete and ready to view. Viewing and downloading your photos is now super quick and easy with our customized galleries! I will list step by step instructions on how to access your gallery, view photos, download photos, and order prints. Please include this How To link in the email when sharing with your family and friends so they know how to access the photos as well, but remember that ONLY the client has authorized and legal access to download the images!

First, make sure you have your gallery link, password, and download PIN number that was sent via email to you! 

Step 1 : Access your gallery link email and click on the "View Photos" button in green. The Password and Download PIN are listed in grey below your personalized message.

Step 2 : Enter your email and password in the spaces provided and click "Enter."

Step 3 : This is what your gallery will look like.

There are three different ways to view your photos :

1. You may scroll down through the gallery

2. Click on the first image in the gallery and use your arrow keys to navigate. (As seen in the second image below)

3. You also have the option of a Slideshow at the top of the page after you have clicked on the first image. (As highlighted in pink in the second image below)

At the top of the page, you also will see each "photo set" (highlighted in red) so you can quickly navigate to different parts of the day. (i.e. Prep, Ceremony, etc.)

Highlighted in yellow is the "cart" option for you to order prints. Highlighted in blue is the "favorite" button for you to create a list of favorites if you ordered an album, or would just like quick access to your favorites. Highlighted in orange is the "download" button where you can quickly download all of your images for immediate access.

Step 4 : To download your images click on the download button highlighted in orange. You will be prompted to enter your email address and PIN number. The email address is required as that is where the download link will be sent! 

After you have clicked "Enter" you will be prompted to check the photo sets you would like to download, and choose your download size. "Web Size" photos will always include the watermark and are ideal for sharing on social media. If you are planning on printing the images, you will need to select "High Resolution" as these are the print released, un-copyrighted images. If the High Resolution files did not come in your package, then you will only be allowed to download the "Web Size" but you may order a download or USB Drive of the images in the shopping cart menu. After you have made your selections and have clicked "Start Download" the download link will be generated and emailed to you very shortly. 

Step 5 : To order prints, please click on the "Buy Photo" or "Cart" buttons. This will bring up a menu for you to select packages, prints, downloads, canvases, metal prints, and more! A description and photos of each product can be seen on the left hand side. You can add an item to your cart, increase quantity, or remove the item from your cart using the + and - icons as highlighted in green. One thing to keep in mind is that certain items and sizes, such as gallery wraps, will have a crop on the image. This crop can be previewed above and is highlighted in blue. The light blue line is the crop boundary, and the dark blue area is for where the image is wrapped or overplayed. This can be adjusted when checking out, but please make sure no faces or parts of the image will be removed when cropping. All sales and orders are final and it is up to the client to make sure the crop is correct! You can click "Keep Shopping" to add more images and prints to your order, or if you are ready to checkout then you may click "View Cart."

Once you have clicked on "View Cart" the checkout window will pop up. This is where you can adjust crop (highlighted in red.) Once you are pleased with your order, click on "Checkout".

Remember, the light blue is where the crop will be and the dark blue where the image is wrapped. You may use your mouse to drag the crop around to the desired spot. Be sure to click "Save" once you are pleased with the crop. 

Once you have clicked "Checkout" you will be prompted to enter your billing, shipping, and payment info. If you have a coupon code, this is where you will enter it (Highlighted in orange). Once your payment and order have been processed, it will be shipped to you within 1 week!