Nikki & Chris's Surprise Engagement

Beth and I have captured a few surprise engagements and even had one go semi-viral over on When Chris sent me a message via Facebook, I couldn't possible say no and we immediately began coming up with a plan for him to pop the question. He was a little unfamiliar with the area as they were coming from Florida on vacation (although they are originally from Fayetteville), so we began trying to scout for a location. Chris knew he wanted to do it on a dock at sunset and that he wanted it to be intimate and romantic with a bottle of wine and some lit candles. We found this dock at Jaycee Park in Morehead City, just a block or two over from where they were staying at the Bask Hotel.

Unfortunately on the day of, the wind was blowing pretty strong so the candles were a no-go. However, it didn't matter as a nervous Chris approached with Nikki by his side. Beth and I were sitting on a bench nearby with our cameras hidden and once Nikki was walking away from us, we quietly began moving into position to capture the moment. Our ninja-like skills never gave our position away as Nikki had no idea we were taking photos of the moment he proposed until he told her. After the big moment, we decided to take a few quick portraits of them and then let them go celebrate! They had been dating for 7 years, so I knew it was a long time coming. Nikki was caught completely by surprise and everything couldn't have gone better for them. Beth and I are extremely happy to have met them and to have been apart of this moment in their lives. Congrats guys! 

Here is a slideshow of the proposal :